Aminoacids and peptides

The source of life

All living beings need aminoacids as essential units for the formation of proteins, enzymes and starting materials for the synthesis of other substances.

Aminoacids are the constituent units of proteins, complex macromolecules that perform structural enzymatic and hormonal functions in plants.

Until a short time ago, the only way to promote the formation of aminoacids in plants was through the root system: with the addition of inorganic fertilizers, where the Nitrogen is absorbed by the roots and transformed into aminoacids.

This process requires the plant an high energy consumption, which can be exploited in other biological processes (flowering, fruit ripening, etc).

Currently, it is shown that the application of aminoacids and peptides by leaf or by soil has a favorable effect on the nutrition of the crops, as it provides the key links for the formation of biological molecules, without intermediate steps for the synthesis.

It is very interesting the leaf application of aminoacids and peptides for the rapidity of action and the reduction of nutrient leaching even in the presence of stresss situations that may generally reduce the normal activity of the plants.

Applied in fertirrgation, contend the exhaustion of the soil, revitalizing and quickly regenerating the microflora, increasing the mineralization of organic matter and reducing nutrient leaching.

Using selected organic materials and own technology we get products that meet all the needs of modern agriculture.

Raw Materials: Aminoacids and peptides