and peptides

General Details

novamin L 4.5novamin L 6.0 and novamin PS 8.0 are products to base of hydrolyzed proteins of vegetal and animal origin (aminoacids and peptides of low and medium molecular weight), totally soluble and assimilable both by leaves that by root.

Thanks to their nutrients, biostimulants, complexing and carriers capacity of the different molecules, they are products ideal to be used in the formulation of foliar fertilizers or liquid or soluble powder fertirrigators together with the macro, meso and microelements.

They are also compatible with various organic products (seaweed, carbohydrates, etc) but it is not advisable to mix with cupric products and mineral oils.


ProductTotal Aminoacids and peptides
Total (N) Nitrogen
Total organic Carbon (C)
novamin L 2525,04,518,0Liquid
novamin L 3030,06,020,0Liquid
novamin PS 6060,09,043,0Soluble powder


novamin L 25: 250 Kg; 1.125 Kg.
novamin L 30: 250 Kg; 1.125 Kg.
novamin PS 60: 20 Kg.

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