complexed with MEA

General Details

boron is a liquid corrective specially developed for the prevention and treatment of Boron deficiencies for use foliar.

The Boron contained in the product is complexed with monoethanolamine (MEA), which is the best complexing agent for this element and allows a perfect uniformity of distribution of the product  without causing damage to the structure of the cell walls and the risks of phytotoxicity sensibilmentiigni reduced.

boron given in time, prevents and cures the deficiency of this element which usually occurs after a period of drought followed by rain or a plentiful irrigation.


Boron (B) sol. in water: 11,0 %

Formulation: Liquid


The application of boron in the advised vegetative phases allows:

• to fight effectively manifestations of Boron deficiency (necrosis of the vegetative apex, stop flowering, sponging of fruit , “bad heart” of the beet, tobacco rickets, millerandage, necrosis of the grapes on the vine, splits the coast of celery, etc);
• to improve flowering, pollen germination and subsequent fruit setting-up;
• to promote the synthesis of sugars and proteins;
• to improve the formation of tubercles in the roots of legumes;
• to improve the setting-up of orchards in general.

Doses and modality of use

Foliar use:  The dosage is referred to about 1.000 L of water for ha.

Citrus, Drupacae, Pomaceae, etc:
– 3 application from beginning flowering: 150-200 ml/hl. (1,5-2 L/ha).

Grapes(wine and table ):
– bunch formation; flowering; post setting-up: 200 ml/hl. (2 L/ha).

– pre-flowering; post-setting-up: 200-250 ml/hl. (2-2,5 L/ha).

Horticultural crops:
– from beginning flowering: 150-200 ml/hl. (1,5-2 L/ha).

Flowering and ornamental:
– before the formation of bud and in cases of stress for boron deficiency: 150-200 ml/hl. (1,5-2 L/ha).


Avoid to mix boron with products at alkaline reactions.

The recommended doses are indicative and should be increased or decreased according to the characteristics of the area and the needs of each crop


1 L; 5 L

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