Seaweed extracts

Concentrate all the
richeness of the sea

Always coastal inhabitants have used the seaweed as fertilizer, feed for cattle and also in human nutrition.

Although there are thousands of species of seaweed only a few species are used in agriculture.

The most used belong to the family of Feoficee (Ascophyllum nodosum, Laminaria and Sargassum, etc) which grow mainly in the North Atlantic Ocean and in some areas of the North Sea.

In particular the Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed bear times of immersion and periods out of the water, following the tidal cycles.
In this particular condition they have had to adapt physiologically developing natural defense mechanisms against the continuous water stress, heat and salt, thus acquiring important properties for agricultural use.

They have a very complex composition (carbohydrates, aminoacids, minerals, hormones, vitamins, alginates, etc) and the content of these active substances is determined primarily by the phase of growth, by the season in which they are pick and by the processing methods used.

Using sustainable harvesting systems and advanced extraction processes which maintain unaltered the natural compounds present in them, we obtain products able to satisfy all the needs of modern agriculture.

Seaweed extracts