enriched with aminoacids and vegetal extracts

General Details

fertiter is a line of liquid fertirrigants that contain mineral salts extremely pure with high concentration strictly bound to organic selected molecules.

The fertiter Line has been specially studied to properly satisfy the nutritional needs of crops in different phenological stages and keep under control the salinity of the soil or of the substrates.

The presence of meso and micro-elements complexed with amino acids and peptides, effectively makes it possible to prevent or cure any deficiencies or nutritional imbalances.

It also contains a particular concentrate of vegetal extracts (CEV) which increases the absorption and assimilation of the elements, improving the benefits.

The organic part present in the fertiter Line also enhances the absorption and mobilization of other nutrients blocked in the soil.


fertiter N10,03,510,00,200,100,03
fertiter P3,510,010,00,200,150,03
fertiter K3,510,010,00,200,150,03
fertiter Ca-Mg3,5 – –8,02,010,0

Formulation: Liquid



The use of fertiter Line allows:

• to strengthen and to improve the root and aerial structure of the plant;
• to increase the productive levels reaching excellent standards of quality (texture, color, pleasantness, sugar content, etc.);
• to correct the pH of the soil approaching it to neutrality;
• to lower the indices of total salinity and electrical conductivity of soils or the substrates.

Doses and modality of use

By fertirrigation:

Fruits crops: 25-30 L/ha.

Horticultural crops: 15-20 L/ha.

Industrial crops: 25-30 L/ha.

Flowering and ornamental crops: 10-15 L/ha.


fertiter Line has no contraindications of miscibility with other formulations, however it is always advisable to do some test to verify the compatibility .

The recommended doses are indicative and should be increased or decreased according to the characteristics of the area and the needs of each crop


5 L; 25 L

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