Calcium complexed with Polycarboxilic Acids

General Details

dissal Ca is a liquid product to base of Calcium complexed with Polycarboxilic Acids for radical application, appositely studied to counteract the negative effects of excess of sodium in soil and irrigation water.

Through the ion exchange the Calcium present in dissal Ca is exchanged with the Sodium present in the clay fraction of the soil. Calcium passes and stabilizes the colloidal fraction, while the Sodium passes to the soluble fraction from which is readily removed by irrigation.

The Polycarboxylic Acids favor the motility of Calcium present in the soil and reduce the electrical conductivity.

dissal Ca gradually changes the pH, both in acid soils and in the alkaline ones, increasing the absorption of fertilizers, and improving the retention of water.

It also acts as a corrective of the deficiencies of Calcium and can be applied on every kind of crops, even on the most sensitive to this deficiency such as Tomato, Pepper, Lettuce, Apple, Strawberry, etc.


Calcium oxide (CaO) sol. in water: 10,0 %

Formulation: Liquid


The application of dissal Ca allows :

• to increase the permeability and porosity of the soil;
• to eliminate the phytotoxic manifestations due to excessive salinity;
• to improve the absorption of nutrients;
• to eliminate the differences of osmotic pressure between the root and the circulating solution;
• to increase root development and seed germination;
• to increase the activity of beneficial microorganisms of the soil and the decomposition of organic matter.

Doses and modality of use

By fertirrigation:

dissal Ca can be applied in any time of the year if the application is considered necessary.

Average doses recommended according to the characteristics of the soil:

– as corrective of compact and impermeable soils: 20-40 L/ha. divided during the cycle of cultivation.

– as corrective of alkalin-sodic soil and cracked: 40-60 L/ha divided in 4-6 irrigations.

-Serious problems: 60-80 L/ha.

For the characteristics of the water of irrigation:

– average saline water: 25 ml/m3 of water.
– saline water: 35 ml/m3 of water.
– very saline water: 60 ml/m3 of water.


To avoid to mix dissal Ca with products containing Phosphorus, Sodium and Magnesium.

The recommended doses are indicative and should be increased or decreased according to the characteristics of the area and the needs of each crop.


5 L; 25 L

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