activated with aminoacids and vegetal extracts

General Details

agrofol PS is a line of high solubility and purity foliar powder supplements specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of crops in the various phenological phases.

They contain micro-elements chelated with EDTA (Cu, Mn, Zn), DTPA (Fe) and MEA (B) which allow them to prevent or effectively treat any nutritional deficiencies or imbalances.

They also contain a particular concentrate of amino acids, peptides and plant extracts (CEV) which acts as an activator, improving the absorption and assimilation of the elements and enhancing their benefits.

Agrofols do not leave residues in suspension and are suitable for all tree, flower and horticultural crops in open fields and in greenhouses.


agrofol PS 18-18-1818,018,018,00,020,0150,120,060,01
agrofol PS 32-10-1032,010,010,00,020,0150,120,060,01
agrofol PS 10-45-1010,045,010,00,020,0150,120,060,01
agrofol PS 6-20-356,020,035,02,50,0150,120,060,01

Formulation: Soluble powder


 The use of agrofol Line in the recommended vegetative phases allows:

• to improve vegetative growth and development of plants;
• to allow the achievement of high standards of quality (texture, color, pleasantness, sugar content, etc);
• to improve the storage of the fruits after the harvest and to increase the resistance to manipulation and transport.

Doses and modality of use

Foliar use: The dosage is referred  to about 000 L. of water for ha.
Product Fruit crops Horticultural crops Flowering crops
agrofol PS 300-500 gr/hl 250-300 gr/hl 150-200 gr/hl


The agrofol Line has no contraindications of miscibility with other formulations, however it is always advisable to do some test to verify the compatibility.

The recommended doses are indicative and must be increased or decreased in relation to the characteristics of the area and the needs of each crop.


agrofol PS: 1 kg.; 5 kg. 20 kg.

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