The ideal partner for a modern agriculture.

Novagro is born in 1996 as a firm of production and marketing of organic and organ-mineral fertilizers to base of aminoacids and vegetal exstracts.

Through the years we are specialized in the study and in the achievement of products of high added value with “ bio- nutritional ” action characterized by an high degree of effectiveness and a low environmental impact.


The development of new products stems from the research of new ideas, the beating heart of Novagro


We embrace the idea of ​​change because the company must exist, operate and produce for a market that becomes increasingly global


An important “lever” which together with other variables such as time, quality and variety contributes to improving our productivity

Innovation, dynamism and flexibility

Innovation, dynamism and flexibility

therefore represents our strategic focus in the development of new products, in production technologies with the purpose to achieve the customer’s full satisfaction.

This approach has allowed us the development and consolidation of our company in the sector and in the market, an increasingly demanding market and submitted to continuous changes.


Honesty, respect and ethic are the three pillars on which we build our relationships with customers, partners and employees.

Nature and technology meet

In novagro we see our work as an incredible opportunity to offer our customers products designed to be efficient and environmentally friendly.

We unified the concept of botany and technology to create an unique and innovative world that respects people and nature.

Our mission is to contribute to an economic development socially responsible providing innovative solutions, technologically advanced and a large range of quality products developed with own technology.

Together with our partners we wont to develop an healthier agriculture, safer and productive and to contribute to health of the people and the planet, in cooperation with the nature.