and revitalizator of the ground

General Details

novater is a bio-promoter formulated using organic materials (aminoacids, peptides, Brown Seaweed, polysaccharides, humic and fulvic acids, etc) to promote the vegetative and productive activity of the plants and revitalize the soil microflora.

It is suitable to improve the rooting of arboreal and herbaceous crops, promotes the elimination of toxins and increase the absorption and efficiency of micro and macro elements.

novater is particularly suitable for the sandy grounds, with excess of salty concentration or poor of organic substance

novater is admitted in Organic Agriculture pursuant to Art. 8 of Legislative Decree 75/2010.


Total aminoacids and peptides: 25,0 %
Total Nitrogen (N): 5,0 %
Total organic Carbon (C): 20,0 %

Formulation: Liquid


The advantages of the use of novater in the advised vegetative phases are:

For the plant:

• to stimulate the growth and ripening processes, improving the colour and the taste of the fruit;
• to increase root apparatus with the consequent increase in the absorption of nutrients present in the soil;
• to reduce the stress of the transplant, thermal variations, parasitic attacks, root asphyxia, etc;
• to increase the resistance of roots to salinity.

For the soil:

• to increase the activity of soil microflora;
• to regenerate rapidly the microflora in the soil treated with nematocides;
• to accelerate the process of humification and mineralization of organic matter;
• to reduce the leaching process of nutrients;
• to improve the structure and water balance of the soil.

Doses and modality of use:

By fertirrigation:

Tomato, Eggpant, Pepper, Cucumber, Melon, etc:
– post-transplant; vegetative renewal; post setting-up; every 10-15 days: 20-40 L/ha.

Lettuce, Endive:
– post-transplant; every 15 – 20 days: 20-40 L/ha.

– post-transplant; vegetative renewal; post setting-up; 20-40 L/ha.

Pea, Bean, Green bean:
– 2-3 true leaves; every 15-20 days: 15 L/ha.

– pre-flowering; fruits enlargment; 30 days before of the harvest: 15-20 L/ha.

Apple, Pear, Plum, Cherry:
– pre-flowering; fruits enlargment: 20-25 L/ha.

– pre-flowering; setting-up: 20-25 L/ha.

Grapes (wine and table):
– pre-flowering; post-flowering; setting-up: 15-20 L/ha.


It is possible to mix novater with N-P-K fertilizers and Microelements.

The recommended doses are indicative and should be increased or decreased according to the characteristics of the area and the needs of each crop.


1 L; 5 L; 20 L; 25 L

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