to base of aminoacids and vegetal extracts

General Details

novafol is a product to base of aminoacids, peptides and vegetal extracts of total and fast assimilation at leaf level

It contains extract of Brown Seaweed (Phyophyceae) and Glycinbetaine, an active principle of natural origin that acts as a osmotic natural regulator in the plants.

novafol contains besides a particular concentrated of vegetal extracts (CEV) that speeds up the catalytic effects inside the vegetal cells, increasing the cellular permeability and increasing the all biochemical functions of the plant.

novafol therefore allows an energetic saving in the general metabolism of the plant, adding organic material that itself should synthesize.

It facilitates the recovery of the crops, when parasitic or different causes (freeze, drought, herbicidal treatments, crisis of transplant, etc.) brake their normal functionality.

novafol is admitted in Organic Agriculture pursuant to Art. 8 of Legislative Decree 75/2010.


Total aminoacids and peptides: 28,0 %
Total Nitrogen (N): 5,0 %
Total organic Carbon (C): 19,0 %

Formulation: Liquid


The application of novafol in the recommended vegetative phases allows:

• a more balanced growth of the plants with more elevated productions from the point of view of the quality and of the quantity
• a greater consistance of the fruits;
• a best maintenance after the harvest and a greater resistance to the transport;
• an increase of the coloration, of the weight and of the organoleptic characteristics of the fruits.

Doses and modality of use:

Foliar use:  The dosage is referred to about 1.000 L of water for ha.

Grapes (wine and table), Apple, Pear, Peach, Cherry, Kiwi, Citrus, Olive, Plum, etc:
– pre-flowering, setting-up, enlargment of the fruits and in all the cases of of the plant stress: 200-250 ml/hl. (2-2,5 L/ha).

Tomato, Pepper, Eggplant, Strawberry, Melon, Watermelon, Pumpkin, Lettuce, Cabbage, Cucumbers, etc:
– from the seeding or transplanting every 15 days: 200-250 ml/hl (2-2,5 L/ha).

Sunflower, Tobacco, Beet, Cotton, Sorghum, Corn, Potato, Sugar cane, etc:
– every 15-20 days during the vegetative cycle: 200-250 ml/hl. (2-2,5 L/ha).

Flowering and ornamental crops:
– 4-5 application, from first phases of growth to flowering: 150-200 ml/hl. (1,5-2 L/ha).


To avoid to mix novafol with cupric products or mineral oils.

The recommended doses are indicative and should be increased or decreased according to the characteristics of the area and the needs of each crop.


1 L; 5 L; 20 L; 25 L

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